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For reference, study or sharing

Full Redemption

May 28,  2017


Scripture Lesson is Exodus 8:25, 28, 10:24-26.  This is an excerpt from the message.

Chap 10:24 Pharoah yield this, you shall go, your wives and your little one, but you shall leave your cattle and your goods behind.

Moses says No, we must have all, not a hoof shall be left behind. The Lord never yielded a single point to Pharoah, but exacted all of him, and at last buried him with his horses and his riders in the depths of the sea.

Now it seems to me, that this grand quarrel of old is but a picture of God's continual contest with the powers of darkness. The mandate has gone forth. "Thus saith the LORD, let My' people go that they may serve me." No says Satan,
"They shall not".

And if he must yield one point, he still retains his hold upon another. Evil is hard in dying, it will not readily be overcome. But this is the demand of God. All mypeople shall come out of the land of Egypt.

Likewise, Christ will have the whole, He will not be contented with a part, and this He vows to accomplish. "Not a hoof shall be left behind."

Christ will have all that He has died to purchase; all that He has brought with blood He will have. He will reign without a rival. He will not have a single hair of their head to be alienated from Himself They shall be Mine, saith the Lord,
they shall be wholly Mine.

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